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  • New Higher Energy Homes Do you want to be different? Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Is your passion for Energy Efficiency? The all New Swanbuild Cube Range that has just been developed may be right for you. This home has been designed with energy efficiency in...

Builders of Quality Country-Style Modular Homes in Victoria, NSW & SA

If you’re looking for a home or planning to build one of your own, take a look at our country-style modular homes in Victoria, NSW & SA. At Swanbuild, we can build you a beautiful home with all the modern features in a fraction of the time, and make your dream a reality. Discover why these housing options are becoming very popular choices among buyers today. Call us at 1800 008 024 or email for enquiries.

Life is busy and it's not always easy to find time to visit Display homes so we've made it easy, Follow this link to our Head quarters, Reception, Design Gallery and Display homes virtual tour.

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When it comes to manufactured housing, trust only the experts. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we can assure a smooth and successful construction of modular homes in Victoria, NSW & SA. Our construction follows a tight schedule and is closely supervised at our factory and onsite to ensure excellent workmanship and timely completion. Unlike a Kit home where you would simple have a bundle of materials delivered to your site and then have to negotiate with a builder or trades person to have it erected. Without any delay, you can move into your new Swanbuild home sooner than you think.


Why are Swanbuild Leaders in Country Style homes

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Take Prefab Homes in NSW to a Whole New Level with Swanbuild

Live the kind of lifestyle that you want. Start off by building your dream house. Prefab homes in NSW are excellent housing options you can consider. Compared to onsite-built ones, manufactured houses can be completed in a much shorter period of time. With our tight schedule, you’ll know exactly when you’ll be moving in.

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Country Style Homes, Cutomized to your Choice, Country Home, Modern Living.

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Swanbuild also offers many different styles of Modular homes in SA, NSW and Victoria. Our homes are often referred to as a Kit Home however you will see a full explanation of this on our FAQ Page. Whether you desire a modern design or prefer something more traditional, we can build it for you. If you already have a plan, we can work through it to make sure you get exactly what you want. Contact us on 1800 008 024 and discuss what you have in mind with our team of expert design consultants.

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Swanbuild offers only the finest quality Modular Homes in SA, NSW and Victoria, these are often referred to as kit homes however are vastly different. See out FAQ page. We have a wide selection of strong, prefabricated houses to match different preferences and budgets. Feel free to view our portfolio and have a look at our fantastic designs. You just might find the house you have always dreamed of! Our collection of prebuilt houses adhere to the W41 Cyclone Standard of Australia and are designed with outstanding luxury features to meet various lifestyle needs. Do you want your dwelling customised? No problem! We are specialists in custom designs. If you’re planning to have your own office, we also specialise in prebuilt commercial buildings. Check out our range of portable office building designs and find the kind of workspace that you need. Email us at for enquiries.

Why Swanbuild have a huge advantage with Country Style Homes

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