Our Story

At Swanbuild we believe that part of our role as modular home builders is to ensure your experience of building a new home is an exciting and rewarding process from start to finish. After all, your home is so much more than just a financial investment. It’s your place to relax, unwind and fulfil your lifestyle goals.

As a family business we are committed to excellence, integrity and friendly personalised service from concept to completion, from our family to yours.

We combine more than 35 years’ experience in the design and construction of quality custom homes with flexibility, environmental efficiency, 21st century innovation and unmatched timeframes to outperform other modular home builders. In fact, Swanbuild’s timeline is 6 – 9 months from the beginning of the build to handing over your keys. Our rapid quality-controlled construction and guaranteed move-in date mean you’ll be living the dream before you know it.

Innovation is an important part of being a successful modular home builder and it’s the driver behind our constantly expanding range of home designs. With steep roof pitch designs, modern cladding façades and custom building options, no two Swanbuild homes are ever the same. And because our homes are designed utilising our unique transportable construction methods, they are made to move with you if you wish.

Our extensive range of home designs offers inspiration and a starting point to create your dream home. By listening to your wants, needs and lifestyle choices, we alter or adjust the plan and inclusions to suit. Alternatively, you may provide your own plans if you wish. No challenge is too great and no request too difficult for Swanbuild’s modular home builders. You ask and we deliver.

All Swanbuild home designs and floor plans are as flexible as they are practical and stylish. They can be modified to suit your site, your lifestyle, your taste and your budget. In fact we encourage you to be part of the design process. After all, your new home should be as individual as you are.

Your unique designs maximise the available floor area. Integrated kitchen/living areas with high raked ceilings; pleasant, open lounge rooms with large windows; modern bathrooms with shower recess separate to bath; large bedrooms with built-in robes; plenty of kitchen bench area and ample storage are just a few of the standard inclusions we offer.

  1. Your home and the site. Start by assessing the overall size of your site, the home building area, and the floor plan, including the size of the individual rooms within the home. Elements, such as internal walls, can be moved around to suit the view and landform (our modular home builders will ensure building constraints are adhered to for structural integrity purposes). Orientation and use of glass windows and doors can also be readily changed to suit local climatic conditions for enhanced energy efficiency and optimal year-round internal comfort.
  2. Lifestyle. Think about how you’ll live day-to-day in the home and how you would like it to ‘feel’. Would you prefer an open-plan style or a more segmented layout with clearly defined living zones and rooms? Also consider your preferred layout for the kitchen, bathroom, ensuite and laundry. And don’t forget the outdoor areas, as now is most cost effective time to add pergolas, verandahs and porticos.
  3. Selections. Just as our floor plans and home designs begin with an inspiration that can be altered to suit your needs, so too do the included fixtures and fittings. These include floors, surfaces, PC items, colours and white goods, just to name a few.

One of the outstanding features of a Swanbuild home is the efficient, tried and tested transportable construction method we use to build your home. This is something that is perhaps not immediately obvious with any other home you inspect but it is a very important benefit of selecting Swanbuild modular home builders.


The first stage of building takes place in our purpose-built factory. Your home is then transported in sections to your site for our building teams to complete the home to your exact specifications.

The benefit to you in this approach is that production can continue regardless of weather conditions or other factors that slow down construction using traditional onsite building methods. This innovative process sets us apart from other modular home builders and allows us to maintain higher quality control, tighter project management standards and much faster turnaround times.

The end result is a quality, low maintenance, environmentally friendly and comfortable home, constructed from only the finest building materials available today. Furthermore, your new home will be ready to move into on the date initially agreed upon. Isn’t that a change from the norm?


When it comes to construction, our tried-and-tested system ensures your home is completed quickly, efficiently and with minimal disruption to your site. Compared with traditional onsite building methods, the benefits you enjoy by choosing Swanbuild modular home builders are clear. A faster turnaround time means you can move in to your home much sooner saving you a potential fortune in interim accommodation costs (let alone the hassle free experience you can’t put a dollar value on)!

In addition to our fast turnaround time, other benefits of a Swanbuild home include:

  • Large range of home designs
  • Custom building design– with production-line efficiency.
  • Complete turnkey package– from initial design and council approval, to floorcoverings and curtains. We look after the creation of your dream home while you get on with your life.
  • We build in city to country locations– minimal charge for outlying areas if additional transport is required.
  • Integrated building system– Your home is built at the factory while the site is prepared. It is then delivered and installed within a week or two once the site is ready (our modular home builders even demolish and remove any existing buildings on the site if required).
  • Finance-friendly – Minimal drawdown time is required before you can reap the benefits from your outlay or start achieving a return on your investment.
  • Your investment is protected at all times– All building materials are kept undercover from the outset meaning, unlike with traditional onsite building, your investment is protected from weather and vandals in the initial stages.
  • Compare apples with apples – While some project homes may appear to have a lower cost per square metre, it is important to add up all the costs, including the hidden ones. These may include site fees, extra costs for different locations and added costs for design changes. It’s also important to ensure inclusions are of a similar standard when comparing modular home builders.

Swanbuild are proud and proven builders of premium modular homes throughout Victoria, Southern New South Wales, and South Australia. We have 35+ years’ building experience in these regions and in the past 3 years alone, our team has built over 80 homes as indicated on the map below. Talk to one of our team members about building in your location today.

Environmentally friendly building techniques – A unique feature of manufactured home building is that it demonstrates the fundamentals of environmentally friendly building techniques and practices. Swanbuild modular home builders construct houses predominantly indoors in our purpose built factory, using ‘green’ building materials wherever possible with minimal waste product thanks to the recycling ability of the factory production line.

Timber – the durable, practical & earth friendly choice – At Swanbuild, we believe timber is the ideal building material as it is widely available, competitively priced and offers flexibility of design. Unlike steel, timber insulates against heat transmission and electricity conduction and doesn’t produce the unwelcome noise associated with the expansion and contraction of steel.

Timber is also the most environmentally responsible building material as it is natural, reusable, biodegradable and sustainable. Australian forests and plantations absorb over 43 million tonnes of CO2 every year. By choosing timber you are helping to remove greenhouse gases from our atmosphere, making it Australia’s only carbon-neutral building material.

Low environmental impact on your land – Once on site, your project is completed with only a small number of tradespeople visiting the site as part of our team of modular home builders, thereby generating minimal waste and ensuring the environmental impact on your land is minimal.

At Swanbuild, we are proud to support Rapid Relief Team (RRT), a registered charity with a strong purpose of delivering hope and relief to people across the globe. When bushfires, drought and other natural disasters unfold, RRT assist emergency services by providing quality food, refreshments and tangible support to those affected.

Supporting the community that supports our business is important to our whole team and by working with RRT, we are helping their mission to serve people with care and compassion during their time of need.

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