The Swanbuild Process

At Swanbuild, we like to make sure that you know exactly what to expect throughout your build. That’s why we divide your journey to your new dream home into 12 steps. It also means we can be more precise with timeframes and allows us to answer any questions you have about upcoming steps.

Our Site and Design Pack sees you through the first 8 steps of your new home build, to your building contract, at which point you commit to building your new home with Swanbuild.

Choose from either standard, customised or your very own floor plan – and let us know of any of the larger extras you need such as verandahs and carports. This info will allow us to provide a detailed estimate and design build proposal to make sure your home works for your budget.

Working with our site surveyor, we’ll help you get the best from your site by looking at orientation, topography, access to connections and more. We’ll also mark out your home so you can get a feel for the size and positioning of your home.

With all measurements and placement to hand, we’ll make an initial enquiry with your local council to see what (if any) extra requirements are needed.

A full set of drawings including plans, elevations, specifications and engineers’ details are completed, providing you with all the details you need for your build and local council.

Your local council will take into account the size of your block, zoning the land and any overlays affecting your land to advise if you will need a planning permit for the proposed build. We can help you liaise with your local council and prepare your planning permit application to make the process as easy as possible (this excludes fees for planning permit and any external reports).

Another exciting milestone! We’ll help you get the style and look you want for your home that you’ll love. You’ll be able to choose from a wide range of different fixtures, fittings, colours and more.

We take into account your selections and any council requirements and make the necessary tweaks before your final build plan is developed by our draft team.

Now we’ve got all the information needed, we’ll lodge your building permit application on your behalf. We’ll work with you to make the process as easy and stress free as possible. Once approval is obtained, it’s time to see your home come to life!

We prepare an agreement between yourself and Swanbuild, detailing what’s included in your home, price, building schedule and payment stages so you’ll know upfront when any payments are required.

Once your scheduled build-time arrives, it’s time to get building! We’ll use our hi-tech machinery and team of skilled trades people to build your home to our incredibly high standards. Your home will be built to 95% completion, ready for transport to site.

Your new home will then be split into modules, carefully loaded onto trucks and then delivered to site. On arrival your home will be secured and levelled, before our team make all the finishing touches inside and out.

We’ll perform a final walkthrough to make sure everything meets our standards, before the council make their inspection and sign off. Once this is complete, you’re ready to move in! You’ll receive your keys, certificate of ownership, welcome pack, full details of the Homeowners Warranty Insurance and after sales service details. All that’s left is for you to relax and enjoy your new home.

Modular Homes Brochure