Modular Vs Kit Homes

Modular Vs Kit Homes

A common misconception is that a kit home is the same as a modular home. While both utilise off-site construction methods, they are priced, delivered, and installed differently on site. For these reasons modular homes provide the customer with more flexibility, better financial options and less time constraints.

You have more control
One major advantage of opting for a modular home over a kit home is that you have more control over the design. You’re able to add-on extras from a long list of options, alter the floorplan and even include specific modifications which enhance the functionality of the home inline with your lifestyle.

A kit home on the other hand provides the customer with less flexibility and although alterations can be made, you are limited with your options.

What is included in the price
While a kit home sits at a lower price point than a modular home, it is for good reason as you are only paying for the materials. Additional budget must be allocated in order to get your kit home move-in ready.

Conversely, modular homes have an extensive inclusion list as part of the final price which allows the customer to see the full scope on what their financial investment is from the planning stage through to being able to move in.

Another difference also comes down to the construction itself. While you may opt to become an owner-builder of a kit home in order to secure an owner-builder construction loan, this can place considerable time constraints on your project as in-depth documentation and checks must be completed before approval. As Modular homes are built under the supervision of a qualified and licensed builder, this can make them a more attractive prospect for lenders.

Construction times
The different ways modular and kit homes are built greatly affect the construction times from implementation to completion.

A kit home arrives at your site in components with instructions on how to construct it. There is the possibility that some pieces may not fit together and if the case, will need to be taken away and re-altered. As most construction is happening on site, bad weather can have a significant impact on the pace of the project as well, therefore prolonging the length of the project.

As a modular home is fully constructed in a factory and then installed on foundations onsite with services connected, the whole process is more streamlined and enables the customer to move in upon completion.

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