Sustainable Homes

Sustainable Homes

At Swanbuild we build prefab homes that are environmentally friendly and in line with our customer’s sustainable goals.

Ensuring that our practices continue to support sustainable living is an important value we hold at Swanbuild. This is why we are constantly reevaluating and redeveloping ways that will provide our customers with a modular home that is eco-friendly and remain inline with their sustainable goals.

Over the years the benefits of sustainable living have become more apparent and in response, our growing customer base is choosing to live in a way that limits their environmental footprint.

What is sustainable living?
Living sustainably means that through using fewer resources, you opt to employ a lifestyle that causes the least amount of environmental impact.

There are numerous benefits associated with adopting this lifestyle which include:

  • Saving money due to less energy consumption.
  • Healthier air quality.
  • Less exposure to harmful chemicals.
  • Improvement in quality of life.

By moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle, you are also ensuring that the wider community benefits positively by having a hand in creating a more ethically sound environment.

How can Swanbuild help you achieve your sustainable goals?

For a home to be sustainable it must be built in a way that uses fewer nonrenewable resources, does not require a substantial amount of energy to run and causes little to no damage to the surrounding environment.

At Swanbuild we are proud to work with the customer to provide them with a luxury modular home that promotes sustainability through the following customisations:

  • Developing a floor plan that maximises energy efficiency.
  • Offer double glazing on windows.
  • Place water tanks within the property’s surrounds.
  • Insert solar panels onto the roof of the home.

An ongoing goal of Swanbuild is to continually find and implement building practices that will help preserve the environment for generations to come.

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