Sloping Sites

Sloping Block Homes

Is your new home site sloping? Our modular homes can provide the perfect solution!

Traditionally, sloping block homes presented a complicated and often expensive task due to the challenges associated with building on an uneven surface. The good news is that our modular construction method overcomes many of these difficulties, allowing you to build a beautiful home without blowing the budget.

Because our modular homes are almost completely constructed off-site in a controlled setting, many of the concerns around building the home on a difficult site are removed.  While it is true that sloping block homes will still require a little extra preparation, the task will be easier to complete without the extra safety concerns and delays experienced with a traditional build site. The property groundwork will be solely focused on preparing for the home itself, rather than accommodating the construction crews and heavy equipment required for a traditional home build. Once the property is prepared, the home is simply craned in to place with our team completing the final touches in an almost-finished environment.

As specialist modular builders, we understand the challenges presented by sloping block homes and can apply our expertise to ensure a successful outcome. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much you can potentially save in comparison to an on-site build and the outcome will be a stronger, more durable, high quality home that looks like it has been custom designed and built on site. If you are considering a sloping or difficult site for your next home, contact us today to find out more about what it will take to build your dream home.

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