Luxury Modular Homes the Smarter Solution.

Fast, yet quality controlled building, at our purpose-designed construction plant

Your Modular Home or Buildings will be built how you want it – Custom building with production-line efficiency innovative and contemporary designs ensure future value

Your home will be constructed to the same standard, whether on a nearby town block, or remote country acreage

With Modular Homes there are No delays in construction from weather or vandals as in conventional building

Guaranteed completion dates

Luxury Modular Homes Australia

Luxury Modular Homes the Cleaner Solution.

Factory construction of Modular Homes allows for material recycling “You Save”

Your choice of environmentally friendly building products “Flexibility with Options”

Faster construction time means more efficient energy use

Minimal wastage generated – especially on-site – compared to conventional building

Low site disruption due to only several trades visiting your site

Luxury Modular Homes Your Building Solution!

With the benefit of a smart, clean and fast building system, you get the backup from a family owned and operated company, with over 30 years of experience.

All Modular Homes are constructed at our purpose-built factory complex in Northwest Victoria backed by our team of professionals who strive to maintain our values of integrity and trust.

Combined with the support of our enthusiastic design consultants, who ensure your new Modular Home is their top priority, you’ll realise your new home is suddenly so much closer than you ever thought. It really is your building solution! Free Call 1800 008 024

The Time Difference.

Once we assist you with designing your new Modular Home, preparing a Design Build Proposal, choosing colour schemes, and obtaining Council approval, your home is scheduled to be constructed in the next available production space.

We then commence construction on a scheduled date, and progress through to a fully complete Modular home.

Our Guarantee to you…

Your Modular Home ready to move into on a specific date

Your home engineered & designed to meet & exceed all building codes and regulations, including the W41 Cyclone Standard

Every detail of your home is inspected thoroughly at every stage of the building process

We will work closely with you, throughout your project to ensure that you are totally satisfied and happy from start to finish what a dream “Swanbuild Modular Homes”

Seven year structural guarantee, Twelve month maintenance period, and all appliance warranties welcome benefits of Swanbuild Modular Homes