Starter Agreement

In six easy steps, we’ll have your new home finished and ready for you to move in!


To start with, select a floor plan to suit your requirements – either one of our standard plans (which we will readily alter for you), or your own design. Together with the floor plan, select the roof design and any other major extras that you require now, e.g. Verandahs, Decking, Carport, Polished timber flooring, etc. (Small items and colour choices come later). Normally, you would have a fair idea of where the home is going to be situated at this stage. Now request a Verbal Estimate on 1800 008 024…

Ideally, visit to our display centre in Swan Hill. Witness “the benchmark of what a home should be”, and real “value for money” first hand, in our finished displays and homes in varied stages of production. Meet our transparent, friendly team and sit down with your dedicated consultant who will assist you with all your requirements. A visit truly helps an intelligent “informed decision” to come much easier.

We’ll first provide you with an estimated project cost to ensure that your desired home will fit within your target budget. This will vary, depending on the level of optional extras/upgrades that you may add, therefore it is best to include all of your major items early. We will then prepare you a detailed Design Build Proposal. Within a short time you’ll have accurate pricing in your hands for the quality home of your choice, fully installed on your land (subject to site inspection).

To ensure that your new home selection and purchase goes smoothly, ensure that you can secure adequate funds as early as possible. (We can assist you with contact details for different lending authorities). Please note that many lending authorities withhold funds on principle until a home is installed on site. Therefore Swanbuild can also finance progress payments during off-site building stages, subject to prior approval from your long term finance provider.


This is where it begins to happen… your dream of a new home takes shape. The Pre-Production Agreement is the next logical step to take, and here is the process moving forward:

Note, not all these items are covered by the Pre-Production Agreement Fee

  • Site Inspection
  • BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) Rating
  • Energy Rating Assessment Report
  • Soil Test Assessment Report
  • Engineers Assessment
  • Prepare Building Plan Drawings & Specifications for your local Council
  • Lodgement of Building Plans & Specifications with your local Council (Council fees additional)
  • Your Name is “Pencilled-in” on our Building Schedule
  • Preparation of your Building Contract

These items have been detailed below to show the total value of what is included.

  • Site inspection – You meet a home consultant on site and discuss where you want to position your new home. We’ll suggest the best way to orientate your home with regards to energy rating, slope, power and plumbing connections, etc. (The site consultant will also place marker pegs so you can see the home position, take levels of your building site and inspect access routes for the home delivery).
  • BAL (Bushfire Attack Level) Rating – in Victoria this has become an essential item for all homes prior to the design stage completion, all home sites must have this assessment completed to comply with the new regulations since the bushfires on Black Saturday. In some cases additional items need to be added to your build, which would be additional cost however this is very site specific, and depends on the rating of your site.
  • Energy Rating Assessment Report – All homes in Victoria are required to meet a minimum Energy Rating level that has been set by the government authorities – this is an excellent inclusion that has forced all new homes to be a lot more energy efficient i.e. with greatly reduced power bills for life! However in certain cases a few minor design changes may be required to give your home the right level of energy efficiency to conform. This is very much related to the orientation of your new home.
  • Soil Test Assessment Report – This report will ascertain the soil condition on your property. It is a simple test that is carried out on your land to check what the soil condition is. Our Engineers have a list of standard footing designs for specific soil types. If anything needs to be altered in our standard design we like to alter it now so that you are not hit with any additional fees due to an unstable soil condition on your property.
  • Engineers Assessment – The Engineers assessment is an overall project assessment to ensure that you will not be required to pay any additional fees over and above the design build proposal specifications.
  • Prepare Building Plan Drawings and Specifications for your local Council – Once the home plan and location are decided, a full set of drawings is completed. These include all necessary plans, elevations, specifications, documents and engineers details as required by your local council.
  • Lodgement of plans with your local Shire – We apply to your local Shire for approval to install the proposed building on your land.  After lodgement it usually takes several weeks before approval is granted. During this time we provide a tracking service which means we can check up at certain intervals to ensure your application is progressing with the Shire as fast as possible. All Shire fees for the Planning / Development Application and/or Building Permit are additional. However, if required we can secure a fixed quote from the Shire before lodgement.
  • Your name is “Pencilled in” on our Building Schedule – i.e. written into the next available completion date on our building schedule. You are given first option on having your home completed by that date. As time passes you move up the “waiting list” instead of starting at the bottom at contract stage. Your home is built on a production-like basis, where everything happens at a set date – scheduled weeks in advance. Every week more orders come in, which puts your name above any others that come in later.
  • Preparation of your Building Contract – With all things now completely checked off it is time to move forward to the next stage of the Contract. Details are prepared based on previous selections.

Once your home is in the building schedule everything happens very quickly. When your finance is in place, everything is ready to go and you can’t wait to get your new home underway. So you sit down and sign your contract… and breathe the excitement of your new home’s rapidly approaching, scheduled delivery date.

Your contract is an Agreement between Swanbuild and you/yourselves to build your home which sets out:

  • What is included in your home (as per your design build proposal and selections)
  • When your home will be completed
  • The Contract Price
  • The Progress Payment Schedule. This consist of:
    • 5% Deposit (Normally paid upon signing of the Contract)
    • 10% At Completion of Base Stage
    • 20% At Completion of Frame Stage
    • 30% At Lock Up Stage
    • 30% At Completion Prior to leaving Factory
    • 5% Final Completion Payment

This is where you get to choose exactly how you want your new home to look and feel like. There is a huge range in our standard allowance, or for that individual touch you may select something special…We’ll advise you on any extra costs. In the standard allowance the items you will make selections from are as follows:

  • OUTSIDE – Colour of roof, cladding, windows, paintwork
  • INSIDE – Colour of walls, ceilings, tiles and kitchen cupboard doors/bench tops
    • Colour of carpet and vinyl floor coverings
    • Colour of curtains (yes, you can make a different choice in each room)
    • Standard Range of Light fittings

Your allotted build-time has come. Now it happens quickly, the smooth and efficient building process predominantly takes place in our purpose built, quality controlled factory. Your home is then transported and installed on-site for its finishing work. It generally goes like clock-work, as your home is being built in our secure premises in a controlled environment with constant supervision and strict quality control. If you have access to e-mail, Swanbuild will send photos of every stage of your home so you can witness the progress as your new home takes shape.

During this stage:

  • You may visit our plant during normal business hours. (OH&S laws require 48 hours notice).
  • Footing pads are prepared on your land (About 1 week before home delivery) ready for speedy installation of your home when it arrives.
  • Once on your site the finishing touches are added to your home (as per the contract) such as Verandahs, Decking, Painting, etc.

Once final payment is made and all works complete, a final inspection is to be made by your local Council. You then receive your keys, certificate of ownership, your welcome pack, full details of the Home Owners Warranty Insurance, and after sales service details.

All that’s left is for you to relax and enjoy your new home…… for as long as you need it!

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