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Looking for a fabulous holiday home or looking for something with a small footprint or a little less upkeep? Then look no further than our Upper Level 5 home design.

The Upper Level 5 floor plan may be smaller, but it is still mighty, offering homeowners every important detail that will make their daily living experience both comfortable and relaxing. The Upper Level 5 home begins with an attractive 2-storey exterior. This home boasts a large first floor deck, allowing homeowners to enjoy not just the interior spaces of their home, but outdoor vistas as well.

The ground floor entry, accessible from the home’s carport, opens into a spacious foyer that leads to a full-sized bathroom as well as the laundry. The easy access laundry is a great feature to have near the two first-floor bedrooms, which each have their own built in robe. Traversing the staircase that leads to the first floor, reveals a beautiful open plan living area complete with kitchen and a huge dining area opening onto the deck. A third bedroom on the first floor, also housing its own robe and built-in storage unit, completes the upper living quarters.

What makes the Upper Level 5 home perfect? Perhaps it’s the bedrooms quietly tucked away from the noisier living areas. Or perhaps it’s the first floor deck areas that allow homeowners to experience a breathtaking sunset or enjoy their morning coffee whilst taking in the views. Of course, it’s always possible to add to perfection and some homeowners decide to customise their Upper Level 5 floor plan. Let Swanbuild customise this beautiful home for your family.



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