Homes on Sloping Sites

Is your NEW HOME Site Sloping?

Then we have the Answer!

Swanbuild have built many homes on sloping sites. Like the home below….. a home on a sloping site can look stunning.

So don’t hesitate – if you have a home site that may be a difficult one… we would love to do a Design Build Proposal for your new home.

And be pleasantly surprised at how you can actually save, in comparison to an on-site built home. And, the outcome will actually be a stronger, more durable, top quality home, because all Swanbuild homes are made to be transported for more than 1000kms, arrive in great shape, and then look like they were built on site, by design.

Lodge an enquiry now with the form below for us to visit your site and you will receive a Free New Home Consultation, once all the details have been established we can then prepare a Design Build Proposal for the building of your choice on your sloping site.

or A Phone us on 1800 008 024