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Swanbuild has worked closely with an architect and Energy rating consultant to design relocatable homes in NSW, SA and Victoria “with a difference”. We partnered with these experts to provide modular solutions that can help owners save on energy and its associated costs.

This is the first home in the Swanbuild Range that offers high energy efficiency. With this design, clients not only enjoy a sustainable home that they can live in with their loved ones for years, they also have an environment-friendly house that will benefit future generations.

The new design, which is a stand-out among the others when it comes to relocatable buildings, focuses on the following factors:

  • Double Story home – Built in a factory and transported to site in sections
  • High energy efficiency – Has different energy ratings depending on the Zone it is built in
    • 7.7 Star Energy efficiency rating if built in the Melbourne area
    • 7.1 Star Energy efficiency rating if built in the Swan Hill area

Take the Green Solution in Building Your Dream House

Modular construction offered by Swanbuild brings the homeowner a magnitude of benefits that comes from having a smart, clean and fast building system. Among the most favourable is the minimal site disturbance that is a result of building the modules in a controlled construction plant.

Most importantly, with prefab or kit homes in NSW, SA and Victoria homeowners also get to minimise the material waste that is a common problem with on-site constructions. This means no unnecessary costs for materials that won’t be used and also less waste going to landfills.

With our energy-efficient homes, every homeowner can truly have a complete green solution in constructing the house of their dreams.

Trust Swanbuild for Your New Energy Efficient Home

If you’re looking for something different and stands out from the other homes in your neighbourhood, then the Swanbuild NEW CUBE DESIGN range is for you. Get stunning, energy efficient, architectural homes built in a factory and transported to your designated site. Check our floor plans today and talk to one of our team to discuss your project.

Aside from this, we also offer construction of portable office buildings. Call us now at Swanbuild to discuss your modular construction needs.

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